Best Recent Comics

It’s been awhile since i’ve posted anything. Life can really speed by! I’ve been very busy learning web development in college and building websites for my friends. For some shameless self-promotion, here’s one i’m pretty proud of, that i wrote for a friend’s new tattoo shop. It’s a lot of fun, i get really into every detail and it makes life more tolerable to be actively learning things like this.

Anyways, let’s not keep you waiting any longer, here are the top recent comics posted to Autism Owl over the last few weeks.

  • When you don’t have the strength to fight and splash in the water, you might find yourself Sinking.
  • Depending on my mood, things that come in contact with my skin can feel either like soft satin, or like Sandpaper.
  • My mind will automatically categorize things into patterns. Rain Sticks shows that even nature’s beauty can become the coolest drumming patterns ever!
  • The use of medication to ease suffering from anxiety can be a real life saver. But as many of us already know, The Help Needs Help.

Thanks, as always, for paying attention to my scrawls of frustration. I hope that carving out my difficulties onto scrap paper helps even one of you to understand you are not alone. Don’t give up, keep trying.



Top Recent Comics

Here is another update showing some of the most popular comics on Autism Owl for the last week or so.

  • In Cry vs. Cry, It’s hard to be a strong daddy when the shrill of a crying child is enough to make you cry, yourself.
  • Record illustates that the sound of a broken record can be confused as background noise. What’s broken can become the music itself.
  • I have never figured out how to describe my discomfort with Pants. I know that it is easier to wear them if i am not panicking. As you could guess, it is a rare occasion that i wear pants and enjoy doing so at the same time. Owl would just throw them in a well for the well.

Keep pegging away at the summer. It’s rarely as hard as i think it is. But i think it’s hard (but it’s not). It’s pretty hard.

The Owl will never stop saying:

Stay out of the sun!

Be nice.



Top Comics From Last Week

Fourth of July is over, and although i am slightly scarred, i have survived the Human Sound War. Here are some of the most popular comics from a week of bombs and other crippling annoyances.

  • Before you have a panic attack, try and be an Owlzilla by overpowering your fears and rising above the crowd in your mind.
  • Be careful what you say! Although your joke may be funny to one person, the same thing might horribly Offend another.
  • When you have elevated anxiety and Agoraphobia, A simple trip to the store seems like having to enter a Tornado. Who would want to do that?

I want to welcome and thank everyone who followed me after my little burst in popularity due to my recent blog post, Emaustion. This was no accident, a single share form my friend Landon at thAutcast.com definately spiked my sites’ visits on that day. Thanks to everyone who shared this post and who share my comics every day. I see it and like it!




One of the differences about this new Autism Owl blog, is that i hope to speak a little more about myself, rather than just posting the comics with no explanation, as i’ve done for years on my old blog. This gives me more opportunity to release some frustration in words as well. Here is a short description of some of the difficulties i’ve had, and what i do about it.

Social Events

This last week is historically one of the hardest weeks for me, rivaled by Christmas and Fourth of July (which is coming up very soon). Between my birthday, a festival in a small town i grew up in, Father’s Day, a show with my band, and some recent difficulties regarding my Autistic son, I feel emotionally tired, if not hurt. I think the term is emotional exhaustion, but that is a large term so i’ve just coined the term “emaustion” for use in this article.

I love my family and friends, and love to play music, but it often gets to be too much for me. The feeling is best explained as if my feelings are hurt, but nobody hurt my feelings. I think my feelings have just been used a lot this week, and it’s just really hard and confusing when i’m also confronted with so much of life’s normal (and abnormal) stresses. I know some of you will understand this.
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The Best Comics From Last Week: June 16th

Here is another installment of the best comics on Autism Owl, for the period ending June 16th. Today is my birthday, happy birthday to me. Moving on…

  • The Ring, where Owl has forgotten any other use of a phone that does not include playing music.
  • In Talking About Talking, Owl builds up enough courage to explain that he can’t talk when he’s feeling this way. This, in turn, prompts the line to ask for an explanation why. This alludes that maybe he shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.
  • Reading Minds, where line knows something is wrong with Owl, but Owl cannot give an explanation because he doesn’t know the words for his feeling.

I hope my followers enjoy my comics. I am not an artist, but still a visual thinker. Sometimes it’s easier for me to communicate unique circumstances this way, and for others to understand them.

Owls quote for the summer is:

Stay out of the sun!

Thanks for following and sharing the comics!



Best Comics From Last Week: June 9th

Here are the best Comics posted on Autism Owl in the last seven days:

  • Crutch, where Owl thinks that if prescription drugs are a crutch, then how many specific areas of his brain need help walking.
  • In Drumspeak, Owl has trouble communicating, but is able to have a drum tell the world he is happy.
  • And Woo, where another screaming owl can induce panic, even while already at a rock concert.

Thank you for following my blog, and keep checking in for new comics!



Best Comics From Last Week: June 2nd

Here are the top three comics posted on Autism Owl in the last 7 days:

  • Wrong Idea, where it’s clear that Owl’s visual imagination can be a humorous distraction from reality.
  • Social Traffic Signal, where Owl realizes that he would stand out less, if he had some sort of mechanism to know what he is supposed to do socially.
  • And Owl Self Injury, where Owl’s self harm can end up a dangerous routine that is hard to stop.

Thank you always for following my blog, and keep checking in for new comics!



Best Comics From Last Week

Hello followers,

It appears that the comics as they are being posted, aren’t being sent out to email followers. In ironing out the rough spots on this new blog, i will post the best, or most viewed comics every week. Here is my first installment of “Best Comics”.

  • Spikes, where Owl finds a defense against hugs.
  • Talk to Him, where the bravery to approach an individual about difficulties with him isn’t enough to overcome ridicule.
  • Communication Breakdown, where Owl finds a comfortable way to communicate, but is met with an unexpected and difficult response.

Keep checking in, there are many more to come!



Why The New Blog?

I thought i should explain a little better, why i decided to discontinue my old blog on blogspot, and start over with this new one.

New Visions

When i started the OWL blog, i just wanted to have a platform to record what i was thinking visually. The blog was not meant to be for the masses, and I did not imagine anybody would be interested to follow what i was doing. If anything i was even keeping it from them. I have changed a bit (for the better) since i started this blog, and the new format will reflect that.

New Knowledge

I am currently in school learning web development, and in my studies, i have learned a lot about web accessibility and coding for the disabled. Starting over allows me to rebuild each image, name them better, and include Alt tags in the code which can be read by screen readers. Writing a blog for and by the disabled means taking extra care in how things are presented and coded. In this new blog I will also write a sentence or two about each comic to explain a little more about what i mean.


I have a personal blog on WordPress and am enjoying what it has to offer. Having this OWL blog also on WordPress keeps it at my fingertips. Welcome back to all my old followers, and welcome to the new ones! I am going to enjoy revisiting some of my old comics and seeing how far i’ve progressed in these five years!